Blue Headlights


Xenon super White HID headlights from EuroDeZigns - foglight Bulbs, and plasma blue xenon headlight bulbs.

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Blue Headlights

Don't forget to check your headlights and signals to make sure they're operating properly--immediately replace any blown or defective bulbs. HID lighting systems are a fairly new upgrade of the tried-and-true sealed beam headlamps that have been in use for decades. Instead of an incandescent bulb with a filament, HID lights work by passing an electric current through (typically in automotive applications) xenon gas, with the resultant illumination projected by reflectors.

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Longer service life. Frequently check the connectors on the back of the bulbs to see if they are overheating or appear to be melting. A dc electric field, hot quartz or hot glass, and salts or alkalis is not a good combination - electrolysis effects can occur which can create weak spots or cracks in the arc tube. Approval is only with specific bulbs tested in the lab in the samples and dot approval is invalid if a different bulb is used. Most vehicles are equipped with standard halogen bulbs with a light output around 3200k. When used in combination with the headlamps, good fog lamps weight the overall beam pattern towards the foreground so that even though there may be a relatively high level of upward stray light from the headlamps causing glareback from the fog or falling rain or snow, there will be more foreground light than usual without a corresponding increase in upward stray light, giving back some of the vision you lose to precipitation.

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