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Blue Headlights resources on include information about Super White Leds, and more. EuroDeZigns offers HID-Fog lights, kits, Euro headlights. Exotic High Preformance Car Headlight Lighting! Plasma blue ion.

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But excessive power delivered to an aging bulb can cause the bulb to explode. D1 and D2 lamps and most other metal halide lamps require AC. DC is tolerable briefly, and then preferably only if the bulb is cold. A DC electric field, hot quartz or hot glass, and salts or alkalis is not a good combination - electrolysis effects can occur which can create weak spots or cracks in the arc tube.

Blue Headlights Facts It will pay you to select only the products of companies with well established reputations for quality and durability; your $2. Next, connect all of the c marks with a horizontal line. The fog lamps should be pointed straight ahead, not leftward or rightward. D. The best relays to use in setting up a headlamp circuit have dual 87 terminals. Here's how this claim works: higher-wattage bulbs appear whiter than lower-wattage bulbs. But is the effect real or just an illusion? One problem with this conclusion as drawn from the french experience with selective-yellow headlamps in france is that when the question was being considered, the lamps that were being compared with white lamps reduced the absolute intensity of the beam by about 12 percent. See also Led Headlights, and pages related to Blue Headlights.