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Catz Hid

Within the next year or so, HID lights are very likely to become a mass-market feature on most new cars and trucks, comparable to CD-playing audio systems and power windows. How relative the 'orange' of electric lamps is in comparison with the light of modern sodium lamps can be observed very well in places where both illuminations are mixed.

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The lens markings on lighting and signalling are meaningful if you know how to decode them. It matters that you use high-quality parts that are designed to stand up to the rigors of automotive usage. Excessive light in some directions can dazzle other drivers. The success or failure of your lighting upgrade efforts rides on the quality of your parts and the quality of your work. The north american sae and rest-of-world ece regulations indicate the various functions with different markings. It is illegal to use on public roads homebrew headlights or headlights using a bulb other than what they were dot-approved to use. Actually, there's probably not much need to go to high-powered cibie (or other european-specification) headlamps on a true collector car that is not driven at night. Depending on your state, the violation may be having an invalid inspection sticker or whatever violation of headlight law.

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