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The AC current waveform in a D1 or D2 type lamp is traditionally a squarewave or close to a squarewave. Other waveforms have higher peak current for a given average current or RMS current, and the higher peak current is harder on the electrodes and may shorten the life or cause problems with the use of higher currents during warmup.

Catz Hid Facts It matters how carefully you route wires to avoid chafing insulation. When we talk about light color in an automotive context, we need to address the question of legality. If the electrodes are not hot enough, they do not do a good job of conducting electrons into the arc and voltage drop in this process (known as the cathode fall) is excessive. We are happy to introduce true snap in hid headlight kits that converts most h1, h3, h4, h7, 9004, 9006 and 9007 headlight bulb systems to the popular hid lighting system. See also Xenon Lighting, and pages related to Catz Hid.