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In 1690, Christian Huygens proposed a theory that explained light as a wave phenomenon. However, a rival theory was offered by Sir Isaac Newton in 1704. Newton, who had discovered the visible spectrum in 1666, held that light is composed of tiny particles, or corpuscles, emitted by luminous bodies. By combining this corpuscular theory with his laws of mechanics, he was able to explain many optical phenomena.


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Think of the time you replaced a 60w bulb in your home with a 100w bulb. That's why arc-discharge headlamps, with their decidedly bluish cast, still are considered white. For example, normal engine-running voltage in a 12-volt automotive electrical system is around 13. In clear conditions, more foreground light is not a good thing, it's a bad thing. Below the cutoff is bright light. The automotive hid (high intensity discharge) headlight lamps are often referred to as xenon lamps but they are more of a specialized metal halide lamp than anything else. It is tempting to run the existing headlamp feed wire to relay terminal 86 (trigger feed) and simply find a convenient ground for relay terminal 85 (trigger ground). 5, 20, 25, 27. It is not necessary to draw the letters on the wall--just plot the points.

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