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Besides the bad effects of high cathode fall on hot electrodes, an unusual temperature pattern can have the chemicals in the arc tube condense in locations that can block some of the light. And if the electrode cathode falls are excessive and unequally so, a DC electric field can result, which can cause destructive electrolysis effects on hot salts on hot quartz.

HID Auto Head Lamps Facts While transporting your hid light, please don't leave the light in direct sunlight or in a car's interior on a hot day. When used in combination with the headlamps, good fog lamps weight the overall beam pattern towards the foreground so that even though there may be a relatively high level of upward stray light from the headlamps causing glareback from the fog or falling rain or snow, there will be more foreground light than usual without a corresponding increase in upward stray light, giving back some of the vision you lose to precipitation. For instance, hcr may or may not be surrounded by a box, and may occur as hc/r. Once the arc is established, the ballast must supply limited current or else the arc will draw extreme current and this will be bad for the bulb and/or other parts. This marking is not an indicator of lamp performance or quality. . There is no concrete physical improvement, though, in most conditions, and most headlamps create the blue haze mentioned above with bulbs like this. Avoid possible overheat due to ambient temperature inspect for miswiring/pinched wiresinspect ballast housing and wiring for mechanical damage e/o underwater pluggable connectorswetmates e/o cords are an available option that adds flexibility and modularity to any head lights lighting system. See also Automotive Led Lights, and pages related to HID Auto Head Lamps.