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It thus became clear that visible light is a form of electromagnetic radiation, constituting only a small part of the electromagnetic spectrum. Maxwell's theory was confirmed experimentally with the discovery of radio waves by Heinrich Hertz in 1886. Modern Theory of the Nature of Light With the acceptance of the electromagnetic theory of light, only two general problems remained.


HID Auto Head Lamps

Head lights lights are true exploration grade instruments; it's your choice to explore your favorite wreck or the longest cave systems in the world. From any appreciable distance, it's almost impossible for your eyes to see the blue lighted object as a sharply defined form. The alternator can typically pump out 60 amps or more, and the battery can contribute another 80 to 100 amps before the vehicle main fuse or fusible link blows. -ed. The two systems use some of the same markings for different functions. Since the 70s people have been installing higher wattage bulbs in their vehicles to get more light and just like in your favorite desk lamp if you change from a 50-watt bulb to a 100-watt bulb you get almost twice the light. The clear white light produced by hid conversion kits is similar to daylight, reflecting road markings and signs better than conventional lighting. Here is a breakout chart of the numbers: 1 germany 2 france 3 italy 4 netherlands 5 sweden 6 belgium 7 hungary 8 czecheslovakia 9 spain 10 yugoslavia 11 united kingdom 12 austria 13 luxembourg 14 switzerland 15 (currently vacant) 16 norway 17 finland 18 denmark 19 romania 20 poland 21 portugal 22 russia 23 greece 24 ireland 25 croatia 26 slovenia 27 slovakia 28 belarus 29 estonia 30 (currently vacant) 31 bosnia-herzegovina 32 latvia 33 (currently vacant) 34 bulgaria 35 (currently vacant) 36 (currently vacant) 37 turkey 38 (currently vacant) 39 (currently vacant) 40 yugoslavia-macedonia 41 (currently vacant) 42 special ec 43 japan 44 (currently vacant) 45 australia 46 ukraine 47 south africa lamp function markings there are letters, numbers and symbols on the lens or housing that indicate various aspects of the lamp's function and performance.

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