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HID Bulbs resources on include information about Xenon Lighting, and more. EuroDeZigns offers LED lighting, blue headlights, and headlamp conversions, and HID headlight upgrade conversion kits.

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This can cause the arc tube to crack. Metal halide lamps should have power input within 10 percent of their rated wattage. Safety and Reliability RequirementsPlease note that D1 and D2 type bulbs operate at high temperature with great pressure probably near or over 30 atmospheres. The internal quartz arc tube temperature is probably typically around 800 degrees C (1400-1500 degrees F or so).

HID Bulbs Facts Next, make a mark c on the wall directly in front of the axis of each headlamp. The entire range of focus requires less than 1. Be sure to pick a kind that flexes easily if yours is a hidden-headlamp system. The 10 watt hid only produces 500 lumens, but thanks to its true 6000k color temperature it appears almost as bright as a 55 watt halogen bulb when in use. Metal halide bulbs operate at very high temperatures and pressures. We use the term correlated color temperature to indicate that the light appears as if the discharge lamp is operating at a given color temperature-- traditional measurements of color temperature are drawn from the properties of the metal used in the bulb's filament. See also Led Grill Lights, and pages related to HID Bulbs.