HID Headlights


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HID Headlights

The Nature of Light The scientific study of the behavior of light is called optics and covers reflection of light by a mirror or other object, refraction by a lens or prism , diffraction of light as it passes by the edge of an opaque object, and interference patterns resulting from diffraction.

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Ballasts are not interchangeable among different types of hid lamps. 825v), headlamp bulbs produce only 83 percent of their rated light output. Its construction resembles that of a miniaturized short arc lamp, but true short arc lamps have a much more concentrated arc. This means it is very unsafe to use uk-spec, australian-spec, or japanese-spec (jdm) headlamps in the united states, canada, continental europe or any other location that drives on the right side of the road. Metal halide lamps should have power input within 10 percent of their rated wattage. * if your vehicle uses 1 bulb for low and high beam i. While transporting your hid light, please don't leave the light in direct sunlight or in a car's interior on a hot day. The arc tube has xenon gas in it at a couple of atmospheres to maybe a few atmospheres when cold and a few to maybe several atmospheres when hot.

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