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The outer bulb is not this hot, but it is definitely burning hot. The arc tube always has at least some miniscule risk of exploding and should only be operated in a headlight housing or other suitable container. Improper operation increases the risk of bulb explosion. The bulb must be clean and free of dirt, grease, organic matter, ash, salt, or alkali.

HID Headlights Facts With the mirrorlike dichroic coating reflecting images of the glowing filament, light gets where it doesn't belong. G. These wattage restrictions prevent bulb manufacturers from simply ramping-up the bulb wattage in order to have a bulb that produces high-end output even with a blue filter. When you put a blue filter on the bulb or lamp, you are reducing the amount of usable light that gets from the glowing filament to the reflector, to the lens and from there to the road. Because the requirement for yellow light no longer exists (though such light is optional in many countries) we probably will never know the vagaries of the answer to this question. See also Xenon Body Kit, and pages related to HID Headlights.