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HID Kit resources on include information about Krypton Lamps, and more. EuroDeZigns offers offers a complete line of custom car and truck lighting for your automotive headlight needs.

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Salts, ash, and alkalis have a tendency to slowly leach into red-hot and nearly red hot quartz which will result in strains, weak spots, and maybe cracks. A metal halide lamp does not like frequent starting. D1 and D2 types can be blinked, but this should only be done for a limited amount of time.

HID Kit Facts A normal light bulb is not very efficient, and it only lasts about 750 to 1,000 hours in normal use. They are sold under the weathervision name. Important: do not use high beam headlamps in traffic. Do not stare at exposed lamp in operation. Countries where traffic flows along the left side of the road have left hand traffic (lht) and mostly right hand drive (rhd) cars. You can solder with as little as a 15 watt soldering iron! Off road or in racing conditions they will last shorter still. See also Led Bulbs, and pages related to HID Kit.