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Again the solution to the problem was proposed by Einstein, also in 1905. Einstein extended the quantum theory of thermal radiation proposed by Max Planck in 1900 to cover not only vibrations of the source of radiation but also vibrations of the radiation itself. He thus suggested that light, and other forms of electromagnetic radiation as well, travel as tiny bundles of energy called light quanta, or photons .



The necessary pieces and parts to facilitate such an improvement, such as fuse holders and headlamp sockets compatible with large-gauge wire, can be difficult to find locally. Good (and legal) fog lamps produce white or selective yellow light, and use tungsten-halogen bulbs. Most such circuits produce unacceptable voltage drop. Head lights's new 10 watt hid lamp leaves the competition to fade into the background. D1 and d2 type lamps are 35 watt lamps. From the headlamp on-off switch, a single wire runs to the beam selector (high/low) switch. It matters that you use high-quality parts that are designed to stand up to the rigors of automotive usage. For one thing, these lamps require special sockets made by few manufacturers and normally sold only to ballast manufacturers. It represents a new dimension in driving, a technological breakthrough that unites the passion of automotive hid lighting performance and a commitment to safety.

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