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Starting causes wear on the electrodes. Excessive evaporation of electrode material will deposit it onto the inner surface of the arc tube which results in darkening and overheating of the arc tube. In D1 and D2 and some other metal halide lamps, there is a halogen cycle which cleans deposited tungsten electrode material from the inner surface of the arc tube.

HID Lamp Facts What is selective-yellow light? It's what happens when you subtract blue from an auto headlamp: blue is the shortest wavelength and, as such, scatters the most readily. All hid headlight conversion kits carry a 1 year limited warranty. 5 (80cm) 3 35 to 39 (89-99cm) 4 39. You can find the type of bulbs your specific vehicle uses in several locations. Installs in less than an hour with simple hand tools or none at all. If the cop believes you have unlawful headlights, you can be stopped and ticketed. See also Super White Led Bulbs, and pages related to HID Lamp.