HID Lamps


EuroDeZigns is a Direct distributor of high-performance auto accessories and parts including HID Xenon bulbs, LED lights, HID headlights, xenon headlights, and xenon replacement bulbs, plasma cool blue headlightsand super white bulbs.

Offering Krypton Bulbs, industry leading HID Lamps Solutions, and Led Grill Lights.

HID Lamps

For more than 100 years, Newton's corpuscular theory of light was favored over the wave theory, partly because of Newton's great prestige and partly because not enough experimental evidence existed to provide an adequate basis of comparison between the two theories. Finally, important experiments were done on the diffraction and interference of light by Thomas Young (1801) and A.

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All head lights lights come standard with a host of valuable features, including: temperature resistant delrin light heads; commercial-grade strain reliefs to reduce light cord stress; auto plug feature with gimble mechanism (on lights other than the pro 3 and 4) to facilitate easy battery connection and to prevent stress on battery connections; deep recess bottom plates to increase strength and support; inset bottom channels to prevent battery movement; superior quality rechargeable lead acid batteries; triple fold belt loop attachment; automatic shut off charger with charge light indicator. When you put a blue filter on the bulb or lamp, you are reducing the amount of usable light that gets from the glowing filament to the reflector, to the lens and from there to the road. To operate, they require ballasts, which supply proper voltage and control current. Never handle the bulb when it is operating! We are introducing some brand new technology for vehicles that use an h4 bulb; the kit comes in 2 types single and dual beam.

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