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HID Lighting resources on include information about Led Tail Lights, and more. HID Kits to convert normal halogen headlights to state of the art HID systems without major modification.

HID Lighting News

Many HID conversion kits come with disclaimers to the effect of "off road use only". Such disclaimers may appear in the kit seller's ads, web site, or on the kit packaging. Less honest retrofit outfits may merely fail to let you know that such a retrofit is not road-legal.

HID Lighting Facts The marking is a number such as 10, 12. Electrical requirementsthe electrical requirements of d2 type lamps are nasty. Description of the lamp / bulb this sort of lamp consists of a tubular outer bulb approx. Protecting the circuit with fusesthe system incorporates fuses in the power supply side of the headlamp power circuit, as close as possible to the power takeoff point (battery or alternator terminal). Then, measure downward from each c mark that represents the center of a low-beam or high/low-beam headlamp and place a mark b per the following tables. See also Plasma Light, and pages related to HID Lighting.