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HID Light resources on include information about Custom Led Lights, and more. EuroDeZigns offers LED lighting, blue headlights, and headlamp conversions, and HID headlight upgrade conversion kits.

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Approval is only with specific bulbs tested in the lab in the samples and DOT approval is invalid if a different bulb is used. It is illegal to use on public roads homebrew headlights or headlights using a bulb other than what they were DOT-approved to use. For example, a headlight that is DOT approved and normally uses a 9005 halogen bulb is almost certainly not DOT approved for anything else - especially not a D2S for example.

HID Light Facts It represents a new dimension in driving, a technological breakthrough that unites the passion of automotive High Intensity Discharge Lamping performance and a commitment to safety. It also produces less heat than your stock bulbs. Do not purchase vehicle components based solely on price! About all that can be said is that they're safe, they're legal, they're not dangerously poor performers like illegal blue bulbs are, nor are they a scam like the much-hyped superwhite bulbs are. Some cars with remote-mounted batteries or underhood fuse panels have underhood power points, and these can be a good selection as well. See also Blue Headlights, and pages related to HID Light.