HID Lights


Exotic High Preformance Car Headlamps from EuroDeZigns - we offer Plasma blue ion Lighting and headlight kits.

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HID Lights

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Because the main idea with this upgrade is to minimize the length of the headlamp power circuit in order to bring the producer and consumer as close together (electrically) as possible, it is best to mount the relays at the front of the car near the power source (alternator, battery or power point) and near the headlamps. ). It's why blue ion or crystal blue bulbs with blue-pass dichroic filters sold to poseurs who want to try to pretend they have arc-discharge lamps are not considered white. Frequently check the connectors on the back of the bulbs to see if they are overheating or appear to be melting. If you increase the foreground light, your pupils react to the bright, wide pool of light by constricting, which in turn substantially reduces your distance visionespecially since there's no increase in down-the-road distance light to go along with the increased foreground light.

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