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HID Lights resources on include information about Xenon Lighting, and more. EuroDeZigns offers HID-Fog lights, kits, Euro headlights. Exotic High Preformance Car Headlight Lighting! Plasma blue ion.

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More dishonest retrofitting outfits may even falsely claim that their headlights or ones modified with their product/service are road legal. DOT requirements have lower and/or upper limits (sometimes both) on candela ("beam candlepower") into many different directions, as in various angles above, below, and to each side of straight ahead.

HID Lights Facts But the bulb is blue, which steals some of the light. D1 and d2 lamps and most other metal halide lamps require ac. The best relays to use in setting up a headlamp circuit have dual 87 terminals. Sylvania also sells a line of automotive bulbs they call silverstar, but it's not the same product at all. . Always looking to improve our product reliability and performance, head lights's 10watt hid light head has been redesigned for 2003. What is? For those who want the best possible performance from their headlamps and are more concerned with their ability to see rather than the appearance of their headlamps, the major bulb companies offer optimized bulbs without the light-stealing blue coloration. See also Led Bulbs, and pages related to HID Lights.