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Excessive cathode fall causes positive ions in the arc to hit the electrode at excessive speed which "sputters" electrode material onto the inner surface of the arc tube. For more info on discharge lamp mechanics, look in my Discharge Lamp Mechanics File. It is not recommended to experimentally operate metal halide lamps at reduced power.

Headlight Bulbs Facts The head lights hid light is a dc lamp; proper electrical wiring polarity must be observed to prevent damage to the lamp. Featuresgiven a blank slate to design a new light head, head lights decided to incorporate several powerful features that make this new design extremely useful in a variety of environments. This marking is not an indicator of lamp performance or quality. In dark surroundings, individuals can easily communicate with their lights over large distances. What should i do if i touch the bulb? Never touch the bulb glass with your skin as oil from your hands can shorten the life of the bulb, if you do touch the bulb, remove these oils with alcohol and a very soft cotton cloth. See also Plasma Blue Headlights, and pages related to Headlight Bulbs.