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Hilite Superwhite resources on include information about HID Lamps, and more. EuroDeZigns offers premium, plug-in style, xenon hid conversion kit systems, OEM HID Xenon Bulb upgrades, and HID Kit Bulbs.

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In the unlikely event your headlight meets all of these and other technical requirements, it is still illegal unless it is submitted for testing and certification. Recently, man has managed to improve upon the original creation by coming up with high-intensity discharge systems in cars. These are the bluish-colored lights you've probably noticed on newer, high-end vehicles such as Mercedes, BMWs and Cadillacs.

Hilite Superwhite Facts They produce the maximum legal amount of light while staying within legal power consumption limits. . Fog lamps fog lamps are aimed using a procedure very similar to that used for european-spec ece and us dot vol low beam headlamps, but the vertical drop is different. When you put a blue filter on the bulb or lamp, you are reducing the amount of usable light that gets from the glowing filament to the reflector, to the lens and from there to the road. Both of the head lights hid lights produce a light with a color temperature approaching or above 5000k. See also Led Headlight, and pages related to Hilite Superwhite.