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Krypton Bulbs resources on include information about Xenon Light Bulbs, and more. Eurodezigns offers Legal- Xenon HID Headlights, Euro lights, & Fog Lights lights up the Road.

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The difference between halogens and incandescents is that halogen filaments are surrounded by xenon, argon and other gases that heat up to enhance the light given off by the halogen filament. Then came high-intensity lights. It was on the 1993-94 Lincoln Mark VIII that a manufacturer first used the high-intensity discharge system, says Ricardo Palasuelas, operations manager at PIAA, a top aftermarket automotive- light supplier.

Krypton Bulbs Facts All of the tires should be checked when cold to make sure they're at the correct inflation pressure. Do the same with the ov point. Measure a distance of 25 feet (7. These must be adjusted so that the bright, center hot spot of the beam is straight ahead of the lamp in both the vertical and horizontal planes. Sun light is 5250k most hid systems produce about 4300k. Starting causes wear on the electrodes. But remember, a lamp with a higher reference number is not necessarily a better lamp than one with a lower number. See also Blue Headlights, and pages related to Krypton Bulbs.