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Krypton Lamps resources on include information about Plasma Headlamp Bulbs, and more. We offer HID Fog and Auxiliary systems and retrofits.

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If you have ever seen the bright light produced by arc welding, that's essentially what we are talking about here. Xenon gas surrounds the arc, enhancing its brilliance. Not only is the light very bright, but it is also closer to blue in the light spectrum than light from halogen and incandescent lights, which are "warmer" - meaning they have more red or amber in them.

Krypton Lamps Facts There haven't been any recent comparative studies. Horizontal aiming these instructions are applicable only to european ece low beams, because us dot vol and vor headlamps cannot be visually aimed horizontally, and in many cases, cannot be aimed horizontally by any means at all, because no provision for horizontal aim adjustment is provided. There are two main sets of lighting standards: sae, used primarily in north america, and ece, used throughout the rest of the world. Always looking to improve our product reliability and performance, head lights's 10watt hid light head has been redesigned for 2003. See also Xenon Underbody Kit, and pages related to Krypton Lamps.