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Instantly recognizable by their bluish-white tint, and much more bright than regular or halogen headlights. They do not have bulbs or tungsten filaments. Light is produced by a high-voltage arc between two electrodes in a gas capsule containing xenon. This is similar but not quite like sodium vapor street lighting.


Led Bulb

Your voltmeter will give a direct reading of the voltage drop. Most folks want to see better at night, not worse, and the way to do that is to use bulbs that produce the maximum legal amount of light. Overpowering one will shorten its life and increase the risk of the lamp exploding. With the mirrorlike dichroic coating reflecting images of the glowing filament, light gets where it doesn't belong. We use relays with plenty of current carrying capacity, which enables us to use heavy-gauge wiring that also has plenty of current carrying capacity. D2s and d1s types nominally produce 3200 lumens of light and the d2r and d1r types nominally produce 2800 lumens of light. But what if that's exactly the problem they think they can see better than they actually can? There've been no studies to determine exactly how dangerous it is to think you can see better than you really can, but it can't be very safe.

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