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Led Bulbs

Particles moving at less than the speed of light in a vacuum but greater than that of light in some other medium will emit a faint blue light known as Cherenkov radiation when they pass through the other medium. This phenomenon has been used in various applications involving elementary particles .

Led Bulbs Articles

So the idea with these blue filtered bulbs is to have a lower wattage bulb that produces a similar light color to a higher wattage bulb. An hid lamp will last, on the average, 3 to 5 times as long as a halogen bulb. The hid lamp's lumens per watt (lpw) efficacy is roughly six to eight times that of an incandescent lamp. Xenon or hid bulbs are inherently unsuitable for use in fog lamps, and blue or other-colored lights are also the wrong choice. Many lamps involving dichroic filter coatings on the bulb, reflector or lens tend to create blue haze above the beam cutoff or, in the case of a driving or sae headlamp beam, scattered throughout the beam. Some companies (piaa. Depending on your state and the mood of the cop, you may in extreme cases be barred from driving the car at night (or at all) until it has legal headlights and it has passed inspection again with the legal headlights.

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