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This lengthens the life of the light bulb. In krypton bulbs the argon is replaced with krypton gas. The krypton atom is more massive than argon, and thus does a bether job. Krypton also has a higher thermal resistance than argon. This means the filament gets hotter and the bulb a litle more effective.


Led Car Lights

Excessive cathode fall causes positive ions in the arc to hit the electrode at excessive speed which sputters electrode material onto the inner surface of the arc tube. Our bulbs are made to simply plug into existing headlight reflectors and come with a special, easy to install, wiring harness that connects the system to your existing headlight switch. Most automotive lights come in different style, color and size. To guarantee compliance with all laws and not raise the ire of your local police in the us and canada, headlamps must be white. The xenon bulb is a micro-discharge bulb filled with a mixture of noble gases including xenon. A relay is simply an electrically-operated switch. It makes for three, rather than two, beam distributions. Important: do not use high beam headlamps in traffic. If the bulb is designed to produce within the legal light level without the blue, the presence of the blue bulb will drop the output closer to the bottom end of the allowable output range. Do not fail to use the large wire size on both sides of the headlamp circuit!

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