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Halogen bulbs, which require a special fixture and are tricky to replace, produce the brightest light and are long lasting. bluish-white headlights of which you refer are known as high intensity discharge (aka HID) lights. they are similar in design to mercury vapor lights (bluish streetlights), high pressure sodium lights (orangy-yellowish streetlights) and metal halide lamps (similar to mercury vapor, but more versatile).


Led Headlights

Some people prefer the appearance of the headlamp, though its operating appearance with these legal blue bulbs differs very little from the appearance of a headlamp operating with a regular clear bulb. Xenon or hid bulbs are inherently unsuitable for use in fog lamps, and blue or other-colored lights are also the wrong choice. When used with a halogen bulb, an improper e/o connection will cause the light to flicker. A dc electric field, hot quartz or hot glass, and salts or alkalis is not a good combination - electrolysis effects can occur which can create weak spots or cracks in the arc tube. The alternator can typically pump out 60 amps or more, and the battery can contribute another 80 to 100 amps before the vehicle main fuse or fusible link blows. How difficult are these bulbs to install? They are all direct replacement bulbs and mount just like your original equipment bulbs.

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