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HID Bulbs

If white light, which contains all visible wavelengths, is separated, or dispersed, into a spectrum, each wavelength is seen to correspond to a different color . Light that is all of the same wavelength and phase (all the waves are in step with one another) is called "coherent"; one of the most important modern applications of light has been the development of a source of coherent light?the laser .

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Electrical requirementsthe electrical requirements of d2 type lamps are nasty. If the bulb is designed to produce slightly over the legal light level without the blue, then the bulb will perform nearer the middle or towards the top of the legal range. Caution: ultraviolet, visible, and infrared radiation is emitted from metal halide lamps. White light with the blue component subtracted is known as selective yellow light. A relay only needs a watt or two of power to activate it. , to indicate which side of the vehicle they're intended to fit. The outer bulb is made of special quartz such as cerium-doped quartz which blocks most ultraviolet, especially the more dangerous short and medium wavelengths as well as much of the 365-366 nm longwave mercury line cluster. Longer burn times and sunlight-quality color temperatures make hid the optimal choice for underwater videography, photography, and exploration. This is the latest generation with the most powerful ballasts we could find.

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