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HID Lamps resources on include information about Led Bulbs, and more. Xenon super White HID headlights from EuroDeZigns - foglight Bulbs, and plasma blue xenon headlight bulbs.

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Prolonged continuous operation at proper internal temperatures is required for the halogen cycle to work. Legality of Alternative HeadlightsIn the USA, headlights are only legal for use on public roads if they are DOT approved. (Similar laws apply in all other "developed" countries and many other countries. ) This requires that samples of the headlights be sent to the proper testing laboratory and certification must be obtained that the design is approved.

HID Lamps Facts These lights are covered by a 90-day money back guarantee and a 1-year warranty. Dot requirements have lower and/or upper limits (sometimes both) on candela (beam candlepower) into many different directions, as in various angles above, below, and to each side of straight ahead. Keep those terminals clean-clean-clean, and once you've added the power wire to the positive battery cable, usually via a ring terminal, be sure to overspray the terminals with plastic-based spray made for the purpose. To operate, they require ballasts, which supply proper voltage and control current. See also Led Headlights, and pages related to HID Lamps.