Hilite Superwhite


EuroDeZigns offers HID headlights, replacement Xenon bulbs, cool blue plasma headlights, high intensity discharge kits, and plasma superwhite bulbs.

Offering Underbody Kits, industry leading Hilite Superwhite Solutions, and Plasma Light.

Hilite Superwhite

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The bulb and ballast are sensitive to external operating temperature. To counter these problems, we have created a 10watt hid that allows the bulb to plug directly into the ballast assembly. . However, more and more optical beamsetters are placed in service all the time, so check around before deciding nobody near you has one. Some people prefer the appearance of the headlamp, though its operating appearance with these legal blue bulbs differs very little from the appearance of a headlamp operating with a regular clear bulb. Many performance parts dealers are illegally importing and selling jdm or wrong-side-of-road ece headlamps into north america, and touting them as a performance improvement. It does not indicate where in the beam this maximum occurs, nor does it imply anything about the shape of the beam. Wire that is too small will create the voltage drop we are trying to avoid.

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