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Sara Tatchio of Ford says the company dropped the systems as an option because they were too expensive. Now they are back. In 2000, about 3 percent of all new cars featured high-intensity lights. The beauty of these lights is that they burn brighter and longer, use less power and enable people to see better.

Krypton Headlights Facts These points are all electrically common, and any of them will serve equally well. A major advantage of this system is it produces about 150 watts of light while using only 35 watts! It takes little extra effort to run the new, large ground wires directly to the battery negative (-) terminal or to the metal housing of the alternator, and this assures proper ground. Possible skin or eye irritation can result from exposures exceeding 15 minutes. So, which is the best power point? On cars with full-current ammeters (mostly pre-1976 chrysler products) it is best to take power from the alternator output terminal, rather than at the battery positive ( ) terminal. See also Led Light Bulbs, and pages related to Krypton Headlights.