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Led Headlights resources on include information about HID Lighting, and more. We specialize in XENON HID technology upgrades and conversion kits for any automotive application.

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A mixture of stable and unstable isotopes of xenon is produced in nuclear reactors during neutron fission of uranium; one of these, xenon -135, is a very good neutron absorber and must be removed since it poisons the reaction. Xenon was discovered spectroscopically in 1898 by William Ramsay and M.

Led Headlights Facts We searched all over to find these kits at a reasonable price with high quality components and i think you will be amazed at the performance. Legality of alternative headlightsin the usa, headlights are only legal for use on public roads if they are dot approved. Same function and intensity as factory hid system in luxury imports fit all cars and motorcycle headlights. Hid lights gives out more than 300% the amount of light of a standard halogen bulb! Higher frequencies are probably ok with d2 types but the ignitors in d1 types may only work correctly or even be adequately conductive in a certain range of frequencies. See also Xenon Bulbs, and pages related to Led Headlights.